We plan your investigations and stays at selected clinics in exclusive European locations. Our valued partners include internationally-renowned medical service providers.

Our healthcare services in overview:

Sports medical health testing and advice, training plans
Preventive healthcare helps you to stay in good health and keeps you feeling good and at the top of your game. Screening consultations and investigations performed by our specialists help you keep your body and mind in the best possible condition. Simple preventive tests and the latest medical diagnostic procedures enable our service providers to drill down to your specific needs. Whether it’s a question purely of information, of planning for the future or pre and post-operative care, you are protecting your health and quality of life.

Reconstructive orthopaedic and joint surgery: hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, hand
Limited mobility and painful joint conditions frequently have easily treatable causes. If a conservative approach has already been tried or is not appropriate, our specialists have access to the latest surgical techniques and high quality implants in their clinics. We are careful to collaborate with highly skilled doctors whose expertise and experience ensures that they are able to take care of your needs. In addition, our specialists have honed their expertise over many years through activities including training colleagues and academic work.

Spinal surgery: degenerative changes and treatment of fractures
Our portfolio of services is designed to achieve pain relief and thus improve mobility and physical capabilities. Our spinal specialists utilise a wide range of internationally recognised treatment options and training opportunities. Discuss your options for better health and well-being – whether that means minimally invasive catheterisation, artificial disks or re-straightening procedures – with our experts.

Procedure and organisation

Before the operation 

  • You contact eubylon healthcare by telephone or email. 
  • eubylon healthcare records your contact details, explains what will happen and emails you a health questionnaire, procedure and initial costs (200 euros).
  • You fill in, sign and return the questionnaire. 
  • Once the initial costs have been received, we send your questionnaire to the appropriate specialist.
  • The specialist reviews your questionnaire and decides whether or not they are able to accept you as a patient. We then inform you of this decision.
  • If you are accepted, you will be sent an email containing a consent form for the operation, anaesthetic procedure and participation of the doctor performing the treatment and an indication of the total cost. 
  • Please sign and return the consent form by email. You also need to provide your credit card details on this form. (Precise details of the procedure will be provided along with the consent form.)
  • We will organise travel and transport to the clinic. 

Travelling to the clinic and the operation 
  • You travel to us, where we will receive you and accompany you to the hospital.
  • The operation is carried out, post-operative care, final testing, followed where required by a short rehabilitation break.  

The return journey 
  • Transport for the return journey will be organised.
Our coordination manager in France: Sonja Fillies-Pollini