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Our specialists

We arrange access to highly-qualified and experienced sports medicine, orthopaedic, surgical and spinal surgery specialists. ...more

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We offer treatment at private clinics in Monaco, Nice, Cannes and Zürich. eubylon healthcare provides a discrete, individual service. ...more 

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Sports medical health testing and advice, reconstructive orthopaedics and joint surgery, ear, nose and throat services. ...more

eubylon health care services

Do you need help with health issues?  
eubylon healthcare finds and arranges access to highly-qualified specialists for consultations and treatments. We provide a discrete, individual service.

Our activities are directed towards creating an equal partnership and providing modern, interdisciplinary treatment to help you maintain good health. The latest national and international therapeutic guidelines and treatment recommendations help you and us, working together, to achieve the best possible results. 

Our patient information centre is at your disposal for any questions you may have. 
  • We put together treatment proposals
  • We plan your investigations and stays at selected clinics in exclusive European locations
  • Our valued partners include internationally-renowned medical service providers.